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How to Use El Gifto
How To Use
El Gifto is a brand new website and mobile app that helps you find the perfect gift for anybody on any occasion! Looking for an anniversary gift for your husband who likes the outdoors and travel?
Do you need to find the perfect housewarming gift for your artistic daughter? We can help.
Check out some gift recommendations that are just right. And El Gifto learns from users,
so over time it learns what to show and what not to show!
Here are some quick tips on using the site...
Choose the attributes from the drop-down menu that best describe the person you are buying the gift for.
Gender, Age, Price, Ego, Interest, Occasion, Relationship Card to select Age
Click on the "Show Results !" button.
Show Results !
Check out El Gifto's gift ideas. If you see the perfect gift, click on "Perfect! Show More" to see all of your buying options.
Perfect! Show More
To see more gift ideas, click on the pagination links located at the bottom of the screen.
Pagination of Gifts
To start your search over, click on the "Start Over" at the top of the screen.
Start Over
Example Searches:
Gifts for Women and Gifts for Men Suppose you want to buy a gift for your boss who is the business type, likes fitness, and is in his/her 40s. You can choose Male or Female from the GENDER menu, 40s under AGE, \ Business Type under EGO, Fitness/Health under INTERESTS, and Professional under RELATIONSHIP. Click on “Show Gifts” and see what ideas El Gifto suggests.
Gifts for Friends Suppose you want to buy a gift for your friend who is a Rebel, likes gardening, and is in his 20s. You can choose the relevant options from GENDER, AGE, EGO, INTERESTS, and RELATIONSHIP and El Gifto will return the perfect suggestions for your Rebel, Gardening Amigo!